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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Courtesy of Centcom

Release Number: 07-01-03P


BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and Coalition forces disrupted Taliban activities while conducting a reconnaissance patrol in Khas Oruzgan District, Oruzgan Province Nov. 10.

The combined force was conducting a reconnaissance patrol in order to establish future checkpoints in the area when Taliban fighters conducted simultaneous attacks from the east and southeast with small-arms fire, machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. The ANA and ANP immediately repelled the initial attack with effective small-arms and close-air-support fire putting the enemy on the defensive. The insurgents repositioned into several homes occupied by Afghan citizens.

The ANA and ANP cleared all of the structures, chasing the enemy out of the civilian residents’ homes. During the chase, the combined forces exchanged small-arms fire with the fleeing enemy, continuing to put them on the defensive.

“It is simply deplorable how the Taliban try to put innocent Afghan citizens in harms way,” said Maj. Chris Belcher, a Combined Joint Task Forces-82 spokesman. “Fortunately, highly trained ANA and ANP members cleared the houses saving Afghan lives.”

During the battle, an ANP officer and ANA soldier suffered minor injures. Both members were treated and continued to fight on, out-maneuvering the insurgents and killing several Taliban fighters. Following the engagement, the injured members were transported to a nearby Coalition forces medical facility in Oruzgan Province for further treatment.

“This is another heroic tale of our Afghan National Security Forces dedication to duty and country to ensure the security of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” the spokesman said.

Contact Information – CJTF-82 Public Affairs Office Tel – 0093-799-063-013
DSN: 318-431-7852

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