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Friday, July 27, 2007

Madrassas in New York

I could not believe my eyes when they fell upon an article that was written by Atlas Shruggs. Indeed, there is a Madrassa in New York State, and no one is saying a word. The reason people should have been out of sorts is because this is a public school. Where is the Anti-Christian Legal Union (in reference to the American Communist Legal Union)?

It appears this is not the first case of religious discrimination either. They have been trying this all over the country! With Saudi money I would imagine.

It is a good thing that Atlas Shruggs has operatives all over the country as well. Please visit the site (the article I'm referring to is in the link to Atlas Shruggs), and become educated with this. It is obvious that the dinosaur media will never grow the backbone it requires to admit they are Americans first, journalists second. We will never hear a peep about this.

Thank you, Atlas Shruggs. Keep up the great work.

Thank you, Bos'un, for your kind words and the invitation to write here. It is indeed a privilege.

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