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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Texas Town says Ningún Gracias to Illegals

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Texas Town Says No Más to ILLEGALS

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ILLEGALS are parasites who sponge off this country. They use resources that they are not entitled to and that they do not pay for. Health care is just one item that is overburdened by the ILLEGAL population. Couple this with the burden on schools which are paid for with tax dollars from those working legally and the problems mount. The jackasses in Congress do not make this problem any easier to solve because they vote to allow ILLEGALS to collect Social Security and to receive welfare, more taxpayer money down the drain. I understand that many of these people are hard workers but that does not amount to anything when they are viewed as a whole. They got here by breaking the law and it does not matter whether they are hard workers or not. The executives at Enron were all hard workers but when they broke the law all hell broke loose and people, including the idiots in Congress, wanted their blood. This is because a lot of investors and employees lost a fortune because of those illegal acts.

Well, this country is losing a fortune because of the ILLEGAL acts of the immigrants who broke the law to get here. The fiscal strain is no less significant than it was for those affected by Enron but it goes unnoticed because it is spread out to all the taxpayers. You can bet that if this problem only affected the rich and famous then Congress would do something about it. But hey, they are use to using our money unwisely so it really does not matter to them because in the long run they (especially the Democrats) will gain a new voting base. Our nation is being over run by people who have no right to be here and we need to do something about it. One Texas town has.

Voters in Farmers Branch Texas made it clear that they do not want ILLEGALS living there. They passed a law that would require people renting property to determine that the prospective tenant is here legally or they will be subject to a fine. There are many who applaud this law and some who think it puts the burden of determining legal status on the wrong people. Lawyers representing people who are opposed to this say that the town has taken over something that is explicitly a federal task. The US Code is pretty clear that it is the duty of all law enforcement to report ILLEGALS. Be that as it may, there are many who will fight this new law. I think they should check each person who shows up to testify against it. They might be able to get rid of some more of the vermin.

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I have heard the argument that it is the federal government’s responsibility to handle immigration. Those who oppose laws designed to stop this infestation have cited this a number of times. I believe that immigration is a federal responsibility but it is up to everyone to assist. Investigating bank robberies is a federal function but that does not preclude law enforcement from the states helping out. In any event, how about each state pass its own laws that say they will not allow ILLEGALS to be in the state and that they are allowed to check that at any time. Perhaps the states can not deport the ILLEGALS but they can arrest them for being ILLEGAL in that state and put them in jail for it. Perhaps the states could deport them to safe havens like San Francisco.

Regardless of how it plays out, one town in Texas has had enough and has decided to do what the federal government refuses to. This might be thrown out in court but we will never have success in thwarting the hoards of ILLEGALS unless we take a stand and try something new.

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